Texas influencer hit by SUV while recording a podcast in a cafe

Tout Suite's glass window storefront sits off Commerce Street in Houston.

Tout Suite’s glass window storefront sits off Commerce Street in Houston.

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A Texas podcast host caught a scary moment on video that could have left him, and a photography influencer seriously injured last Saturday, March 4. Nathan Reeves was in the middle of recording his podcast with TikTok and Instagram influencer Alexsey Reyes, when an SUV careened off the road into the storefront of the cafe, hitting the two men.

The crash occurred at the Tout Suite cafe at 2001 Commerce St. in Houston. In the video, Reyes, who goes by @alexsey on TikTok and Instagram, appeared to be coming to the end of the hour-long podcast with Reeves, or @Nathan_reeves_ on Instagram. Reeves says “It’s so quiet in here,” when you see a SUV in the background swerve out of control and drive straight into the glass windows behind them.

The two are pushed into the table where they were sitting. Reeves stumbles out of camera while Reyes gets up from his seat, in shock, and pulls out his phone to start filming.

@alexsey Replying to @codyjusabum support my page cause i almost clocked out ?’?😭 #houston #photographer ♬ Dumb Ways to Die – Tangerine Kitty

Reyes posted a video to TikTok showing the aftermath of the crash with caption saying, “I just got hit by a car while sitting in a cafe.” Reyes points the camera at the SUV but the driver can’t be seen in the video. Reyes talks to two women who witnessed the accident who say they saw that the glass panels fall onto their backs. 

@alexsey i got hit by a car… Final destination type beat 😭😭 #wth ♬ original sound – alexsey ★

Both of Reyes’ videos have over 1 million likes on TikTok as of Monday, March 6.

Reyes tells Houston police in the video that he was “fine” after the crash. The full podcast posted to Reeve’s YouTube channel shows him giving officers his I.D. at the end of the video.

It’s not known why the driver swerved off the road or if they received any charges. MySA reached out to the Houston Police Department.

Watch the crash occur on the full podcast below.

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