Texas man allegedly impersonated cop to ‘make people drive better’

One Texas resident was frustrated by terrible drivers enough to take matters into his own hands. A North Texas man was arrested after authorities said he impersonated a police officer by mounting emergency lights to his dashboard and even attempting to pull over fellow drivers.

The Parker County Sheriff’s Office identified the man as Luciano Amador Velasquez of Weatherford, roughly 50 miles west of Dallas. In a Facebook post, authorities said that a man called 911 after a “suspicious” blue Dodge pickup truck was following him closely “in an unsafe manner.” The man noted that the pickup truck was not marked to indicate it was a law enforcement vehicle.

“[The caller] further reported the driver of the truck was flashing emergency lights from inside the truck, while attempting to cut him off the roadway and block his vehicle from leaving the area,” the post reads.

Velasquez, 42, was arrested following the February 18 incident and charged with impersonating a public servant. According to a Sunday, February 26 report from Fox News, Velasquez is being held on a $15,000 bond.

The suspect admitted to using the emergency lights in this manner previously. He told officers that he uses the emergency lights, which are mounted to his dashboard, when he doesn’t agree with other motorists’ driving in order to “make people drive better.”

Now don’t get any ideas, San Antonio.

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