Thanksgiving foods to avoid giving your pet

Here’s a list of food items to note to avoid a vet visit.

SAN ANTONIO — With Thanksgiving Day upon us, many may be tempted to give our pet some of the delicious food you’ll be sharing with family.

However, not all Thanksgiving food is good for your furry friend and it could lead to an unwanted trip to the veterinarian office.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, Thanksgiving brings unsafe foods for your dog and leads to an uptick in vet visits. 

Fortunately, San Antonio’s God’s Dog Rescue shared 10 dangerous foods that pet owners should avoid giving their pet.

1. Turkey bones and skin, along with ham 

3. Gravy 

4. Stuffing 

5. Casseroles 

6. Mashed potatoes 

7. Chocolate, along with pies, cookies and sweets

8. Raisins and grapes 

9. Onions, scallions and garlic 

10. Breads

“As tempting as it may be to share a savory holiday meal with your pet, it’s important to understand the harm some foods may have on them,” said Debbie Davis, God’s Dogs Rescue Chief of Operations. “Be cognizant of any trash left behind that may be easily accessible to them and communicate the dangers of certain foods to your guests as well.” 

Should your pet get sick, you’ll want to get help right away.

If they eat any of the items listed, call the Pet Poison Helpline at (855) 764-7661 as well as your veterinarian office. 

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