Thanksgiving travel rush in full swing, expected to carry through weekend

San Antonio – Nationwide, the Transportation Security Administration said they expect to screen as many as 2.5 million people. It would be a new high since the coronavirus pandemic.

The San Antonio International Airport was busy all day Wednesday well into the evening. Travelers said airports for connecting flights to San Antonio are filled.

“I was on United and then I was American Airlines. I got a delay, it was a whole mess. I had to call like 12 people. It was a disaster but I’m here now and really excited,” said Ohio traveler, Danny Maledeo.

Other travelers said they had more of an easy-going, smooth holiday travel experience.

“No delays like I was expecting, more people in the airport than there were. It was no big deal at all,” said out-of-town visitor, Jessie Barring.

According to AAA, 55 million Americans are expected to hit the roads or take to the skies for the holiday week. Majority of travelers, an estimated 49 million, are expected to drive.

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