Travelers flock in record numbers to San Antonio airport ahead of Thanksgiving

Cheri Caswell and her service dog Remington were among the thousands of people flying out of the Alamo City Tuesday morning. She experienced zero issues.

SAN ANTONIO — Thanksgiving travels through the San Antonio International Airport are expected to breach pre-pandemic levels.

More than 16,000 people are flying out of the Alamo City on Tuesday with longer lines more prominent in the morning. 

Wednesday will mark the airport’s busiest day of air travel departures with more than 17,000 people flying out. 

Allen and Annette Landes are among the thousands of travelers looking forward to spending time with family during the Thanksgiving holiday. They were in town for a conference centralized around horse veterinarians before flying back home to Colorado. 

The Landes’ experienced zero issues as they prepared to board their flight, arriving at least hours early.

“The traffic was a little bit what I would consider a little full, but it wasn’t too bad getting into the airport,” said Allen Landes. 

Tom Bartlett, the city’s deputy aviation director, noted adequate staffing is on hand across the board to ensure smooth travels, especially over the next couple weeks as people return home. 

“It’s going to be around 30-34,000 people per day coming in and out of the airport. We want to keep people moving. We don’t want anyone to slow down be inconvenienced so we feel we’re very prepared,” Bartlett said.

Fredericksburg’s Cheri Caswell is on her way to visit family in Utah. She brought along her furry companion Remington. 

“Sits on my lap, sits at my feet. He doesn’t care,” Caswell said.

Caswell expressed gratitude for her health, Remi her service dog and family. 

She’s really looking forward to gathering around the dinner table on Thursday for a rather untraditional Thanksgiving feast. 

“Mexican food. We never have turkey on Thanksgiving. Last year we had Japanese,” Caswell said.

Travelers are urged arrive at the airport at least two hours before departure to get checked in and screened through TSA security.

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