Uvalde CISD board to discuss hiring new interim police chief

UVALDE, Texas – The Uvalde CISD school board is meeting Wednesday evening to discuss hiring a new interim police chief.

The decision comes nearly three months after district police chief Pete Arredondo was fired following his actions on the day of the Robb Elementary shooting on May 24.

Uvalde CISD interim Superintendent Gary Patterson has to rebuild the district police force from the ground up after the entire department was suspended last month.

Patterson said it’s a daunting task that he’s taking very seriously and working under the guidance of the Texas Police Chiefs Association. He said he’d personally oversee the hiring of each officer on the force to ensure they’re qualified and have no prior blemishes on their record, like we saw with Crimson Elizondo.

Elizondo is a former Texas DPS trooper who was hired for the district police force after being investigated by DPS for her actions at Robb Elementary on May 24.

Patterson said building an effective police force starts with hiring a good chief.

“You build it carefully. You know, we look for a chief that can lead the department, that’s got school resources and school knowledge, that is of the personality that they can have discourse with people,” Patterson said.

The interim superintendent said he’ll vet the officers currently on the force, who are on administrative duty, to see if they’re fit to come back.

Aside from business with the chief, the board is also set to make some major decisions about the new elementary school that will be built for the district.

KSAT will bring you the latest on their decision as the information becomes available.


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