Uvalde Library works to archive donated items following the Robb Elementary shooting

UVALDE – Throughout this past year, thousands of items have been donated to memorialize the lives lost at Robb Elementary last May.

“It was, you know, up to here just stacked full of boxes and banners and just extended down this whole way,” Tammie Sinclair said showing one of the back rooms at the El Progresso Memorial Library in Uvalde.

There are still boxes of donations at the library that archivist Sinclair is sorting through, she’s making sure each item is carefully preserved, documented, and sorted.

“We cut and scored this additional, just extra material so that there would be a little more support at the head. And then so that they don’t move around, we use the tissue to kind of…for extra support,” Sinclair, the Los Angelitos De Robb archivist said.

Sinclair says all of this is possible through a grant.

They’re in the process of digitizing everything as well so that people across the world can take part in remembering the Robb Elementary victims.

“There will be a memorial, and we’ll kind of work with committees and determine what’s gonna go there and what will stay here. Again, I’d like to digitize it all,” Sinclair said.

The flow of donations has been constant over the past 12 months, with people all over wanting to honor the 21 angels.

Sinclair says this is a labor of love.

“It means a lot to me to do the work, and I hope it means a lot to them that I do Justice for them,” she said.

The wooden cutouts and several other items will be taken from the room Sinclair works into what the library calls its tunnel of love.

Everything will be on display for the next week so people will have a safe place to go and remember their names.

KSAT will honor victims of the Robb Elementary shooting with ‘One Year In: Uvalde’, an in-depth report, on May 24 at 9 p.m.


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