Verify: Can you get a parking ticket for obstructing traffic even without “No Parking” signs in San Antonio?

Many people received them on E. Elmira Street by the Pearl.

SAN ANTONIO — With so many streets in San Antonio undergoing construction there may be some confusion when it comes to parking in those areas, with the result often times being a ticket. The Pearl is one of those areas where people flock to on the weekends, but also during the week. And recent construction has caused a parking headache. That leads us to tonight’s claim submitted by Michael Muckleroy.


Can the San Antonio Police Department issue tickets to every vehicle parked on the curb on East Elmira near the Pearl, even if there are no “NO PARKING” signs or no warning signs regarding not parking on the curb?


  • The City of San Antonio Parking Enforcement


This is true.


Muckleroy went on to say that many employees of businesses at the Pearl use the curb as parking because the employee parking lot is usually full. And on at least two occasions there was a ticket on every vehicle at the curb.

Rebecca Schneuker says she got one too. She told us, “There are no parking signs along that side of the street. And I’ve lived in San Antonio for a very long time, and that I’ve never seen a parking ticket handed out on that street.”  

The City of San Antonio Parking Enforcement responded to our inquiry about the issue by saying, “Officers witnessed multiple safety concerns in this area due to parked cars on a narrow roadway obstructing traffic. Citations were issued for obstruction of traffic as outlined in City Code Sec. 19-38. (a) 6 – Obstructing flow of traffic. If the person would like to appeal the citation, more information is provided on the ticket.”

So yes, it is true. The City of San Antonio Parking Enforcement (not SAPD) can issue tickets to vehicles on a street with no “No Parking” signs if they obstruct the flow of traffic.

But like the City said, those tickets can be contested at the San Antonio Municipal Court. 

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