Verify: No. Leaving a ceiling fan on all day long will not save you money on your electric bill

Ceiling fans move air around, they don’t actually cool the air.

SAN ANTONIO — As we head into summer the fears of high electric bills start to rise as our air conditioners work harder and harder to keep our homes cool. Most of us know that running a ceiling fan to circulate air in our homes can save us on our energy bills. But KENS5 viewer Trey Weinand took it a step further.


Is it true that if you run your ceiling fans all day everyday, it helps cut down on energy usage since your air conditioner doesn’t have to run as much?


  • James Rodriguez, Jon Wayne Service Company HVAC technician
  • CPS Energy


This is false.


Rodriguez told us the answer is no and told us, “It will not save energy. One, because you’re using your ceiling fan and also it’s not cooling your home and it’s not dehumidifying and that’s what an air conditioning system does. It helps dehumidify your home which is what makes it feel uncomfortable.”  

CPS Energy says ceiling fans cool people, not rooms. And that you shouldn’t leave your fans operating all day if you are out or in unoccupied rooms.

So no, it is not true. If you run your ceiling fan all day everyday it will not cut down on energy usage.

Rodriguez also said having your insulation checked, good windows, and sealed up doggy doors will help keep your home cooler as the summer months approach. 

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