Viewer question: Where is the best place to install my rain gauge? 🌧️

With the recent rounds of rain and storms that we’ve seen in South Central Texas, area rainfall totals have been very important as we try to combat the drought!

In order to get the most accurate readings, a few viewers have asked: Where is the best place to install my rain gauge?

There are several characteristics to think about when setting up a rain gauge in your backyard, so let’s chat about it:

Nearby Obstructions

First things first: You want to choose an overall location that is free from any nearby obstructions that could interfere with how the rain enters the gauge, and also make sure that the gauge is protected from strong winds.

A gauge that is placed close to a tree, roof, or a nearby structure could record inaccurate measurements during times of heavy rain.

Consider mounting your gauge twice the distance away from an obstruction as it is tall. For example, if an obstruction is 10 feet high, mount the gauge 20 feet away from that obstruction.

Height Above the Ground

How high the gauge is positioned above the ground is also an important factor. A good rule to follow is to make sure that your gauge is mounted 2 to 5 feet above the ground.

This will make sure that water doesn’t splash off of the ground and then fall into the rain gauge, skewing the measurements.


You’ll also want to make sure that your gauge is level.

After initially leveling out the rain gauge upon installation, it’s also best to check in on it over time as gusty winds can sometimes tip the gauge over, giving you inaccurate readings.

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