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Vonlane's luxury buses are fitted with luxury seats, tables and TV screens.

Vonlane’s luxury buses are fitted with luxury seats, tables and TV screens.

Vonlane / Vonlane

If you’re planning to travel from San Antonio to Dallas and you want to make it a five- to six-hour road trip in style, a luxury bus service will soon give you that opportunity. Vonlane Luxury bus service is opening its new route from San Antonio to Dallas starting on February 10 and they’re already letting travelers book the first trips. 

The Dallas-based bus service that CEO Alex Danza described as a “private jet on wheels” announced the new route on its Facebook page on Monday, January 16. Fares for the trip out of San Antonio are $139, according to its website. The luxury buses will take off from its northwest terminal at 6809 N. Loop 1604 W. Access Road, San Antonio, TX 78249, on February 10. 

The bus will arrive at Doubletree Love Field in Dallas after an estimated four-hour and 30-minute trip. There are three trips planned out of San Antonio with the first one at 6 a.m. on February 10 and the last scheduled to take off at 5 p.m.

Vonlane buses offer what they call “first class” aisle and conference table seating with plenty of leg room. Complimentary services include free Wi-Fi, snacks, meals on certain trips, drinks, and video-on-demand service. Vonlane also allows passengers to enjoy these amenities with beer, wine or liquor with costs ranging from $6 to $8, according to its website.    

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