Weather changes in store for Thanksgiving weekend

Sweater weather will soon take a break.

SAN ANTONIO — The rain and cold weather will unfortunately hang around San Antonio for the Thanksgiving holiday. This is due to a cold front that will also bring a chance of thunderstorm activity for the San Antonio-area on Turkey Day. 

For those San Antonians who are enjoying the chilly weather a change is on the way for temperatures to bounce back to average as we near the end of the holiday weekend. 

Here’s what San Antonians should expect:

Wednesday (High 61 and Low 49): Another day like Tuesday with gloomy conditions of light rain and cloudy conditions. Temperatures will warm-up from the past couple of days in the low 60s. An isolated storm is possible overnight.

Thanksgiving Day (High 67 and Low 56): Ahead of the cold front thunderstorm activity will pop-up creating slick driving conditions for the morning. By late afternoon storm activity should pass with light rain hanging around until the evening. 

Despite the cold front, afternoon temperatures could still reach upper 60s. Breezy north winds will also follow behind the front. More rain could follow overnight depending on the location of the upper-level low. 

Black Friday (High 61 and Low 48): Cooler conditions will be in place thanks to the front. Temperatures may also trend cooler if clouds and rain are stubborn to hang around. Currently staying with a 30% chance of showers. 

Sweater weather will get a break over the holiday weekend and early next week. Saturday the sun will return and temperatures quickly bounce back to average. Saturday will be a beautiful day with breezy conditions and highs in the upper 60s. 

Sunday through Tuesday temperatures will feel more like a San Antonio fall with high temperatures in the low 70s and morning temperatures in the 40s. San Antonians can go back to dressing in short-sleeves and jackets.

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