#WorldRangerDay: Organizations celebrate rangers across the globe

SAN ANTONIO – Sunday, July 31, is World Ranger Day and across the globe, many are commemorating rangers killed or injured in the line of duty as well as honoring the work rangers do every day for the public.

National Park Service rangers are part of a global community of rangers working to ensure the protection and the public’s enjoyment of the world’s natural, cultural, historical, and recreational resources, according to the National Park Service.

NPS commemorated its park rangers in a social media post, thanking them for all they do.

“We celebrate and acknowledge all the park rangers who protect and preserve places around the world. From making trails, enforcing laws, and cleaning up litter; to restoring habitat, managing wildlife, and educating visitors; rangers wear many hats. Restoration crews, wildland firefighters, educators, trail crew workers, law enforcement officers, scientists, custodial workers, and naturalists are just a few of the different types of rangers that play an important role in inspiring stewardship for our natural world.”

The organization shared some photos of its rangers in a collage.

National Park Service shares photos of its rangers for #WorldRangerDay. (National Park Service)

Joining in on the celebration, the San Antonio Zoo released a statement honoring rangers and encouraging others to thank those protecting our wildlife.

“Today we honor the world’s rangers for #WorldRangerDay- a day dedicated to the celebration and honoring of those who dedicate and risk their lives to protect wild things and wild places. Take a moment and say thank you to the brave individuals who secure our world’s most incredible natural heritage for future generations,” said the San Antonio Zoo.

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