Youth basketball game brawl in Universal City leads to punches, police called

UNIVERSAL CITY, Texas – Universal City police are investigating an assault that happened during a youth basketball game on Sunday.

Witnesses told police they saw “all the parents running onto the court fighting each other,” according to the police report. No charges have been filed.

Video shows the fight started after one player was punched by a member of the other team.

David George said he was there — he’s a coach and parent with the league involved. He added he’s worried about the message the actions of the youth and adults are sending to players.

“Yes, parents want their kids to win. There’s going to be a winner. There’s going to be a loser. But just as much as you want your kids to win, you should teach them on how to lose,” he said.

He tries to teach youth to make conscious decisions because he knows some of those decisions will have impacts beyond the court.

“If you’re going to win, win with respect. If you’re going to lose, lose with respect,” he said.

Full Court Athletics, the league involved, said it’s discussing consequences for those involved. They said they have four adults on the court to intervene in any situation.

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