‘Important to have a choice’ | Proposed bill would allow San Antonio man to cremate his body using water

The bill would amend the definition of cremation under Texas state law to include water cremation, also known as alkaline hydrolysis. SAN ANTONIO — It’s not something Beau Kiser likes to think about, but he is prepared for when the time comes. Even his family knows what his wishes are for his body after death. … Read more

Texas roadside distraction: The Cartoon Saloon becomes Hill Country’s looniest attraction

A cartoonist and a group of friends turned a Texas Independence Day idea into a roadside attraction that thousands have visited. COMFORT, Texas — J.P. Rankin remembers when he and his friends were trying to decide what to do for Texas Independence Day five years ago. Tossing back cold ones at their local hangout, ‘The … Read more


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