London judge rejects Prince Harry’s bid to add allegations against Rupert Murdoch in tabloid lawsuit

LONDON – Prince Harry can’t expand his privacy lawsuit against The Sun tabloid publisher to include allegations that Rupert Murdoch and some other executives were part of an effort to conceal and destroy evidence of unlawful information gathering, a London judge ruled Tuesday. The decision by Judge Timothy Fancourt’s in the High Court was a … Read more

The unstoppable duo of Emma Stone and Yorgos Lanthimos

CANNES – Before a journalist has even lobbed a question, Emma Stone and Yorgos Lanthimos spit out a string of overlapping answers. “We have a great relationship,” begins Lanthimos. ‘“We just love working together,” adds Stone. “It was cool to do a modern-day piece.” “Going back to some of the early stuff,” says Lanthimos. “A … Read more

Studio Ghibli takes a bow at Cannes with an honorary Palme d’Or

CANNES – Studio Ghibli, the Japanese anime factory of surreal ecological wonders that has for 39 years spirited away moviegoers with tales of Totoros, magical jellyfish and floating castles, was celebrated Monday by the Cannes Film Festival with an honorary Palme d’Or. In the 22 years that Cannes has been handing out honorary Palmes, the … Read more

Everybody may love Raymond, but Ray Romano loves Peter Boyle

NEW YORK – “Baffling” is how Ray Romano calls the continued success of “Everybody Loves Raymond,” nearly 20 years after the CBS sitcom ended its nine-season run. “It goes so fast.” That success comes as a surprise to the New York City-born comedian, who admits he’s always filled with doubt. So, when he started working … Read more


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