‘It harms workers’ | Labor union concerned about new Texas law that blocks protections for breaks

The so-called ‘Death Star’ bill limits local regulations. It will prevent cities from passing or enforcing a water break ordinance for outdoor workers. SAN ANTONIO — The battle over water breaks is heating up. On September 1, a new state law will take effect. It restricts Texas cities from passing or enforcing ordinances that contradict … Read more

Northeast ISD shaping next generation of IT workforce by providing interns real-world experience

SAN ANTONIO – Northeast ISD is taking the next step to help students interested in cybersecurity get some real work experience. The district opened 10 summer internship positions to students in the Institute of CyberSecurity & Innovation Magnet Program. Eleventh grader Corrine Kinlaw is exploring a future in cybersecurity. She said the summer internship job … Read more

Video captures man taking thousands in donation dollars from Sikh temple in San Antonio

Temple leadership have since enacted security changes, and warned other local places of worship. SAN ANTONIO — A bold theft was caught on camera when thousands of dollars was stolen from Sikh Dharamsal, a northwest-side temple.  Staff at the place of worship say the man who can be seen in the footage came in during … Read more


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