24/7 cafe opens once a month as a safe space for all

San Antonio – A San Antonio business is volunteering to be a safe space for one week each month for people to gather, seek answers and have fellowship.

Brenda Zurita and her team had a vision in mind when they partnered to create a space where local pastors and leaders could find common ground.

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The team opened The Tectonic Center, a co-working space for businesses, local pastors, and other community members who want to make a positive impact.

“We say this is a church without walls. When we begin to understand that church goes well beyond, you know, the structure doesn’t matter — denomination,” Zurita said.

The co-working location offers shared office space, a stage, meeting rooms and a coffee bar called Ambassadors Coffee.

In the fall, the team began a 24/7 café. Once a month, they open the space for an entire week.

“It is a unique way of us being able to reach our community,” Zurita said.

No matter the time, the space is open for people who might need fellowship or don’t want to be alone.

“This is a place of safety. This is a safe haven. This is a place where I can pray. This is a place where it feels like home,” Zurita said.

Recently, the cafe also started offering mental health services.

“We provide free counseling from licensed clinicians, certified trauma counselors, deliverance ministers that operate out of the redemption room. And you can book time during 24/7 between 12 (p.m. and) 9 p.m., and they offer free services here on site,” she said.

The goal is to create a place the community can feel safe and count on.

You can check Ambassadors Coffee’s social media pages to find out when the next 24/7 café will be next month.

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