American Red Cross in San Antonio deploys volunteers to help families displaced by Houston flooding

A spokesperson with the American Red Cross in San Antonio says the best way for the community to help is through volunteering.

SAN ANTONIO — The American Red Cross has been collaborating with local churches, pet shelters and FEMA to provide relief for those impacted by severe flooding throughout the Greater Houston area. Hundreds of water rescues and mandatory evacuations are in place for neighborhoods. The American Red Cross Central and South Texas region is sending its staff and volunteers to provide relief for families displaced.

Right now there are 130 volunteers deployed to flooded areas. San Antonio has 20 volunteers who are giving emergency supplies, and providing transportation for those who will need shelter.

Lucy Medina is an emergency response vehicle driver who has been in the Houston area since Friday. She described the scene saying she seen trees that have tumbled down and are waterlogged. And have had to be moved off to the side of the road to be passable.

“One place we’ve driven by, you can see there’s a house out there, but it’s been displaced off its foundation,” Medina said. “And we went through one little town where you can tell the water was rushing through there so fast that all the pavement is torn up.”

Marco Banda is the spokesperson for the American Red Cross in San Antonio – he says the best way for the community to help is through volunteering. He says it takes a lot of people to help try to get people’s lives back together that have been interrupted by causes outside of their control.

“The severe flooding in Houston requires a lot of volunteers, a lot of effort,” Banda said. “So what we’re asking from the community is your help and support. The strength of Texans comes from within their people.”

There are currently seven shelters open in the Greater Houston area for families that have been displaced. If you would like to help those in need, click here.

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