Bald Mountain murder: previously sealed documents released

New details on the shooting attack that killed one woman and wounded another.

SAN ANTONIO — Court documents just released in the Bald Mountain Drive murder case open a door that is usually closed tight.

The two teens accused of killing one woman and wounding another in a drive by shooting were juveniles when the attack happened in October 2022, but now they have both been certified to stand trial as adults.

Judge Joel Perez of the 437th District Court, who is presiding over the two murder cases, said the documents with details of the attack are public record and should be released even though the youngsters were initially handled in the juvenile system.

Prosecutors said when more than 100 rounds were fired during the assault, the neighborhood looked like a war zone.

One detective who testified early on described the area as looking like “Swiss cheese,” with bullet holes everywhere.

Isaac Gonzales was 15 at the time of the attack.   

Rene Joe Gonzales, who is not related, was just 14-years-old when the shooting happened.  

Isaac entered a guilty plea on Thursday and was handed a 40-year sentence for murder and a 20-year term for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.  

The time is to be served concurrently, meaning Isaac may be eligible to apply for parole in 20 years.

Meanwhile, Rene appeared before Judge Perez Friday morning, charged with murder.

Friday, attorneys for the defense and prosecution agreed that they needed more time to prepare, as they contemplate adding an additional charge.

The prosecutor told the judge that while Rene was out on bond waiting for his trial, he is accused of disabling a GPS monitoring device.

Both sides agreed that the discovery process on that charge needs further work.

But the affidavits that detail the case, and led to Rene’s arrest offer a chilling view of a troubled young man. 

The documents indicate Rene was evaluated by a psychologist who called the teen “sophisticated and mature” with an adult understanding of what they call an “aggressive and premeditated” attack. 

No stranger to trouble, the report says Rene had been in court previously on burglary of a vehicle and unlawfully carrying a weapon charges and was already on probation for theft.

The documents claim Rene was caught on surveillance video getting rid of the clothing he wore during the attack and that his mother was concerned that in previous incidents Rene had thrown knives at some relatives and threatened to stab two others.   

Detectives said the mom claimed the boy was a frequent runaway, a truant from school and that he had a history of abusing prescription drugs.

The report details allegations that Rene had problems while he was in juvenile detention and that he had been disciplined for “fighting, lending, trading food, charging kids ‘rent’ and allegedly taking the food of others.”

The affidavit pointed out the vehicle used to escape from the crime scene had been reported as stolen and that the chase involving law enforcement officers trying to catch the two suspects involved speeds in excess of 100 mph.

The affidavit also describes, in gruesome detail, the aftermath of the shooting that left the west Bexar County home awash in blood.

Isaac Gonzales is due to return to court for formal sentencing Tuesday.

Rene Gonzales is waiting to learn when his next setting will be.

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