Bandera County officials warn of eclipse-related traffic delays on Highway 16

BANDERA, Texas – Cowboys aren’t the only ones coming through Bandera Sunday night.

“It’s our first time,” Sharon Noble, from Washington, said. “We thought the Texas would have less snow.”

As the eclipse is set to cross over South Central Texas, TxDOT is warning of increased traffic through Tuesday. To help minimize delays, the department confirmed to KSAT 12 in an emailed statement that there will be no new lane closures or construction from April 7 through April 9.

Near Bandera, Highway 16 is down to one lane in each direction in certain locations. County officials, like Jody Rutherford, said this could mean increased traffic as people try to leave towns like Kerrville, Bandera, Utopia, and Vanderpool after the eclipse.

“That’s when we feel like we’re going to have the largest amount of stress on the community and on our roads and on our resources is when people decide to go home,” Rutherford, the Bandera County Precinct 4 Commissioner, said. “That’s going to have a large impact on people coming from San Antonio and even from Austin in that area.”

But some people on Sunday staying in Bandera for the eclipse said they haven’t experienced any heavy traffic yet.

“I kept saying ‘it’s going to be awful. It’s going to be almost be bumper to bumper.’ But we have had no traffic,” Noble said.

And she was not alone.

“We’ve just been coming back and forth (from San Antonio,)” Megan Lutz said. “I’ve been hearing from everybody that like, ‘it’s crazy out here’ and I’m like, where?”

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