Bears in Texas | Hill Country woman hits black bear while driving down highway in Real County

Randy Hill praises the Divide Volunteer Fire Department for rushing out to help his wife after she hit a black bear on highway 83. She shared a photo to show how

REAL COUNTY, Texas — Falon Hill is lucky to be alive after hitting a black bear on highway 83 Saturday night.

This incident has her and communities in the Hill Country wondering what a bear was doing in their area but bears are native to Texas, residing primarily in the west.

Doctor Dana Karelus with Texas Parks and Wildlife said bear populations were on the decline in Texas in the 1950’s.

“Since then it’s been kind of slow but they’ve been recolonizing parts of West Texas,” Karelus added.

As to what the bear was doing so far out east, Karelus points to foraging and looking for a mate. She said it’s not uncommon gor bears to travel very far distances.

Though a bear life was lost there is a silver lining to this incident. Karelus said Texas Parks and Wildlife will be able to study this bear’s body to understand the species in Texas just a little more.

If anyone sees a bear in their area Karelus wants to remind everyone it is illegal to kill the species in Texas as they are endangered. You’re asked to contact your local biologist if you see one.

How you can contact your local biologist if you see a bear:

Falon shared a photo of the bear she collided with to show how big it was.

Click this link to find your local biologist and send a picture of the bear.

“That way we can keep track of these sorts of things.”

The full story

Randy Hill said his wife was heading South on highway 83 Saturday night when she hit the bear.

Luckily a member of the Divide Volunteer Fire Department was only a few minutes behind her on the dark road. Randy said Mark Hurt was able to assist Falon as soon as she hit the bear.

“The divide fire department and what they’ve done for the Hill family…you can’t beat it,” Randy said.

“When I realized it was a bear I was like oh my goodness,” Hurt said.

No one could believe their eyes. At first they thought Falon had hit a large hog but she knew it was a bear.

Her husband Randy said if she wouldn’t have been in the large truck she was driving that night the outcome of this incident could have been much worst.

Randy said ranchers had caught bears on their cameras here and there but never did they think something like this would happen. 

Today they feel lucky Falon walked away from this incident with only bruises and a fire department willing to drop anything for their neighbor.

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