Bexar County woman on edge after attacker got out of jail for violating protective order

BEXAR COUNTY, TexasEditor’s note: The video in this story reports the attack happened last week. A check of court records showed the suspect bonded out on Feb. 18.

A Bexar County woman is looking over her shoulder while her attacker is on the run.

An arrest warrant has been issued for Simon Joshua Villa after he bonded out of jail on Feb. 18 and then cut off his ankle monitor, officials said.

“I haven’t seen this guy in years, and he running up on me with a hoodie. I’ve had no issues, and he gets released from prison, and I start,” said Heather Martinez.

In 2020, Villa was arrested for assault and stalking. He spent a few years in jail before bonding out at the end of 2022.

Martinez bought a gun when she heard the news, fearing it would only be a matter of time before her ex was back.

“He’s threatened my life — me, my family, to kidnap my nephews,” said Martinez.

She said Villa approached her and tried grabbing her last month.

“I just screamed, and luckily, I got away from him that night,” Martinez said.

She said he was back the next night.

“He kept messing with my window, and he was about to get in. And I was just asking the operator, like, ‘Are y’all close?’ And right when I heard him pop the window, I shot,” Martinez said.

The two shots she fired didn’t hit Villa, but SAPD was able to arrest him that night. He was charged with felon with a firearm and attempted burglary and posted bond again.

“He’s got a protective order against him from this victim, and he’s obviously continued to break that?” KSAT reporter John Paul Barajas asked the Bexar County DA’s Office.

“They are generally required to set a bond. There are certainly problems with laws around bonds that need to be addressed,” said Christian Hendricksen with the DA’s office.

Hendricksen said there are few circumstances where a bond can be refused. He adds if Villa is caught this time, there’s a good chance he won’t be given a bond.

Martinez said she’s constantly in fear, waiting for her ex to be caught.

“It’s scary, like you’re always watching your back — the anxiety,” Martinez said.

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