Black bear found dead in Hill Country after being hit by pickup truck

REAL COUNTY, Texas – Roadkill is a common sight for motorists in Texas, but one Hill Country sheriff posted about a rare animal that was hit over the weekend.

Real County Sheriff Nathan T. Johnson posted that a black bear was struck and killed by a Chevrolet pickup truck on Saturday night.

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In a Facebook post, Johnson said the accident happened on Highway 83, south of the intersection with Texas 41.

“It isn’t often we get a glimpse of one of these residents of Real County up close. This one got a little too close for comfort when it was struck by a motorist…” the post read.

The driver of the truck only suffered minor injuries.

The sheriff’s office, DPS, Game Wardens and the Divide Volunteer Fire Department responded to the scene.

Firefighters said Game Wardens took possession of the bear, which was found about 30 yards from impact.

Black bears are listed as threatened in Texas and the U.S., but according to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, they are making a comeback in Texas.

“From the Big Bend to Austin, bear sightings have surprised biologists and the public alike. On the other hand, at least one sighting per year of Black Bears in the Hill Country is not uncommon,” TPWD’s website states.

TPWD adds that the bears may be looking for suitable habitats or mates, or they may have been released or escaped from captivity.

“In any case, the chances of a recently established population of Black Bears in the Hill Country are remote. Central Texans are probably seeing wandering individuals from farther west,” the website states.

Anyone who sees a black bear is encouraged to report it to TPWD.

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