Buc-ee’s stocks up on Valentine’s Day merch at New Braunfels store

Buc-ee's Valentines Day themed shirts selling at $17.98.

Buc-ee’s Valentines Day themed shirts selling at $17.98.

Victoria Lopez/ MySA

Buc-ee’s meant it when it said it would never break our hearts as the beaver is keeping up with demand for this year’s Valentine’s Day themed merchandise. San Antonio’s nearest beaver-loving store remains stocked with T-shirts, blankets, and more. 

The Texas-sized gas station and convenience store released its holiday-themed merch to kick off the new year. Both in and out-of-state locations were quickly flooded after photos of the latest drop were shared on social media. Many were even willing to pay to have them shipped.

Most of this year’s collection was stamped with love with a statement saying “Buc-ee’s will never break my Heart,” with an emphasis on Buc-ee’s and Heart. That includes red shirts, 40-ounce tumblers, and a blanket. 

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Unfortunately, at the New Braunfels location, Buc-ee’s has sold out of its tumblers but has continued to receive shipments for its shirts and blankets. Staff at the location told MySA they were unsure of the exact dates of shipment arrival but were confident they were receiving more. 

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Whether you are a Buc-ee’s loving individual or want to gift this year’s collection to someone who is, you can find a variety of holiday merchandise at the location. It is just over a 30-minute drive into the city from San Antonio. 

Buc-ee's Valentine's Day themed blanket selling at $14.98.

Buc-ee’s Valentine’s Day themed blanket selling at $14.98.

Victoria Lopez/ MySA

What does Buc-ee’s Valentine’s Day collection look like?

The red shirt has a decked-out Buc-ee inside a pink circle wearing heart-shaped glasses and heart candies with xoxo, love-u, and b-mine written in them. On the back, it has different shades of hearts overlapping one another in a sort of spray paint Y2K style with a small heart and sparkle detailing, and it is topped off with the holiday saying at the center.

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As for tumblers, they had a similar style with the holiday statement, this time with pink and white hearts and some being candy-styled with sayings like xoxo.

The 50×70-inch gray blanket also had candy-style hearts with various short sayings and the holiday design stamped in its center. 

Buc-ee's Valentine's Day themed plush.

Buc-ee’s Valentine’s Day themed plush.

Victoria Lopez/ MySA

Buc'ee's Valentines Day themed kids crew socks.

Buc’ee’s Valentines Day themed kids crew socks.

Victoria Lopez/ MySA

Buc-ee's Valentine's Day themed headband with hair bow.

Buc-ee’s Valentine’s Day themed headband with hair bow.

Victoria Lopez/ MySA

Outside the holiday saying, the convenience store has a beaver plush with Buc-ee wearing a cap that has two hearts attached to it. The Valentine’s plush is also wearing its own version of this year’s holiday shirt with himself at the center. There are also pink and red kids crew socks along with a headband bow. 

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Buc-ee's Valentine's Day cards and stickers.

Buc-ee’s Valentine’s Day cards and stickers.

Victoria Lopez/ MySA

Lastly, those wanting to share a small bit of this year’s collection can also purchase Valentine cards with stickers that read “Will you be my Valentine” with Buc-ee at the center surrounded by hearts.

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