Community rallies behind Somerset couple after food truck scam rids them of their life savings

Authorities arrested two people in connection to the alleged food truck scam. More than $200,000 was stolen from dozens of people, deputies say.

SOMERSET, Texas — A community is rallying around a small business that reportedly fell victim to a scam.

Last year, the owners of Tacos By Chivo decided to expand their business by opening a food truck.

“I am a kindergarten teacher in Somerset,” said Lupe Ruiz. “My husband loves cooking, so we started catering on the side. We had been doing it for over a year when we decided to finally take a leap of faith. We just stumbled upon this nightmare.”

Like so many, the small business owners found Tu Trailita in San Antonio. Ruiz says they purchased a food trailer in November. Then, weeks went by without updates, she says.

“I just kind of feel like, ‘Were these trucks used as bate?’ We went in, we saw the trailer, we fell in love with it,” said Ruiz. “We handed over $13,500 cash.”

Ruiz said they never saw their lifesavings again.

According to the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO), Tu Trailita is a ‘sham’ company. Sheriff Javier Salazar said more than 35 people have come forward claiming the owners stole a combined $225,000 from them.

“I understand the struggle of starting a business,” said Celina Mendoza, who owns Somerset Coffeehaus. “I would have felt devastated if it was myself. So, I just felt led that we needed to come together to support them.”

On Friday, Somerset Coffeehaus provided space and the community provided support. A Tacos by Chivo tent was set up in the parking lot. Many lined up in the rain to get their hands on some tasty tacos.

“This is a very close-knit community,” said Ruiz. “It’s unfortunate that the situation had to happen this way for us to do this. But we are very, very thankful for the support. Our ultimate goal is to have a thriving food truck business. Even though we are starting over, this gets us one step closer.”

Tacos by Chivo is offering catering services. To support the business, click HERE.

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