Crime statistics at Park North Shopping Center show trend of violent behavior, SAPD data says

SAN ANTONIO – Following a deadly shooting at the Park North Shopping Center, KSAT took a closer look into San Antonio police calls for service to the area.

“It’s really scary. It makes me more afraid just in general to be out and about,” a shopper who asked to remain anonymous said.

SAPD has not shared many details about the Sunday morning shooting, but they tell us they are investigating it as capital murder.

People who visited the area said they were surprised by what happened.

“It usually feels pretty safe,” Samuel Blowe said. “I think it’s pretty busy around here, and there are all different types of crowds that roll through here.”

In the last few weeks, people have called 911, complaining about violent incidents at Park North, like shootings, fights, and assaults.

“Oh wow, there (is) a lot,” Priscilla Wright said.

Dating back to June 2023, there have been 27 calls for disturbances, 21 for car burglaries, 15 for assaults, 15 for fights or fights involving a gun, and 9 for shootings.

It is important to note that some calls might have been for the same issues.

“It just leaves me to think that I need to take more responsibility for making sure that my things are secure and making sure my people and I are secure,” Blowe said.

KSAT asked SAPD if Park North is an area of concern. At this time, we are still waiting to hear back.

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