Crisis Center of Comal County breaks ground on new shelter in New Braunfels

The new building will almost quadruple the amount of people the organization is able to serve.

NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas — The Crisis Center of Comal County (CCCC) is one step closer to rebuilding its new shelter, breaking ground for its new location exactly two years since its previous location burnt down

While no one was hurt, the CCCC was left scrambling. Since 2022, its been renting a building in an undisclosed location, housing 24 people escaping from domestic violence and sexual assault at a time. 

“We’ve been pretty much close to full since we’ve been leasing that building,” said Dr. Julie Strentzsch, CEO of the Crisis Center of Comal County. “And so unfortunately, as the county has expanded the needs of  women and children and families  to have a safe place to go  has increased. So we’re expanding this shelter will house  almost four times more than what we’re housing right now. “

The $11 million dollar project will expand what the organization will be able to do, while also increasing capacity to four times the number of people the organization is currently able to serve. 

“This one will be 30,000 square feet,” Strentzsch explained. “Trauma-informed. It’ll have apartment style pods for families to be in their own environment. And what we had before was what’s called a congregate-style shelter.  So everybody’s kind of put it together in a small space, and so we really want this to be a trauma healing, safe place for those that have experienced violence. “

Evette McKinnon, the resident services director, believes new privacy could speed up the healing process for those seeking shelter. 

“They share the rooms with other individuals,” she said. “So it’s not a trust factor. So nobody you know, they’re not friends,  it’s definitely not as comfortable as it should be or could be.”

The new shelter will be right across the corporate offices and the thrift shop. Part of the proceeds from the thrift shop will fund the new building, which is set to be up and running by July 2025. 

For more information about the Crisis Center of Comal County, click HERE

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