Crutch-using crook caught on camera stealing packages in San Antonio

At least two security cameras caught the suspect Monday stealing packages off Harriman Place in the Collins Gardens Neighborhood on the southwest side.

SAN ANTONIO — Neighbors on the southwest side of San Antonio say now, they’ve seen everything.

The reaction follows a series of thefts in the Collins Gardens Neighborhood this week. On Monday, at least two security cameras caught a man with a crutch hopping up to porches and front yards, taking packages, and throwing them into a getaway car.

KENS 5 met with a neighbor who watched the theft unfold live on his cell phone.

“I couldn’t believe it was happening,” said Robert Ramirez, a resident who lives off Harriman Place. “He literally did it within seconds.”

Ramirez says the suspect looked at the security camera before grabbing the package and leaping over the entire staircase to get to the getaway car. The theft took no more than 15 seconds.

“We’re going to a Sweet 16 this coming weekend, so [the package] contained my girlfriend’s dress and my daughter’s dress,” Ramirez explained. “What are you going to do with these dresses, man? Look at them and that’s it? They’ll probably try to sell them off. That’s ridiculous.”

Ramirez shared the video on Nextdoor. That’s when he learned another neighbor’s package was stolen by who they believe is the same man, wearing the same outfit.

In the second security video, the man on crutches can be seen moving fast, his face covered as he leaps across a front yard to steal another package. 

“They’re kind of coming forward saying they know this guy, have seen this guy… ‘I’ve seen these guys over here by Millers Pond,’ or, ‘I’ve seen these guys at this gas station,'” Ramirez said about the comments on Nextdoor.

Ramirez is now considering expanding his home security to detract crime, but it won’t be a new gadget.

“Maybe looking into getting a dog, an outside dog now… [the neighbors] have two really big dogs and if I was somebody trying to walk in there, I’d probably think twice about it,” he added.

The car appears to be an older model blue Toyota Corolla.

If you recognize the man in the video, call police.



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