Dairy Queen employees in Central Texas arrested for selling meth, police say

CLIFTON, Texas – Several Dairy Queen employees in Central Texas were arrested following an “Operation Blizzard” investigation into the selling of methamphetamines out of the restaurant, the Clifton Police Department said.

According to a Facebook post, Clifton Police Chief Chris Blanton said an investigation was launched around June after officers received information about a methamphetamine ring.

The investigation revealed that several people were selling meth from the local Dairy Queen restaurant, prompting the law enforcement agency to dub the investigation “Operation Blizzard.” The restaurant chain is well-known for its frozen treats, including the Blizzard.

Officers set up undercover drug buys from the eatery on numerous occasions, which led police to discover that the employees and other people were also selling drugs at other locations around the Clifton area, Blanton said.

Two people were arrested on Jan. 16 and eight others on Jan. 26.

The people who worked at the Dairy Queen are no longer employed there.

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