Dak, Micah’s brothers have an issue with the ‘fake Cowboys fans’

DALLAS — Drama in Dallas? Say it isn’t so. 

Immediately after the Cowboys lost to the Packers at home – where they previously has been undefeated and dominant all season long – reaction to the game was … let’s just say what one might expect. 

Dallas Cowboys haters danced on the graves of Cowboys fans, a portion of whom immediately called for Dak Prescott and Mike McCarthy to be fired. WFAA caught a few passionate fans who let their emotions go after the game.

McCarthy was brought back, and Prescott is due $59 million next season, with eyes on a contract extension, according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport.

And then you have higher-profile voices – such as Fox Sports 1 host Skip Bayless – a self-proclaimed Cowboys fan who has made it a ritual to make a mockery of himself online by posting goofy videos of throwing his jerseys in the trash after Cowboys losses. This time, Bayless took things a step further and called out Dallas’ best defender, Micah Parsons. Parsons has since barked back.

But the drama isn’t stopping there. Oh, no. 

The brothers of Prescott and Parsons are getting in on the action, too, mainly to defend their brothers. Tad Prescott, Dak’s brother, posted on X Saturday morning that “if I could get @dak to leave Dallas I would.” Tad Prescott went on to say “the city and organization have been great to Dak and their family,” but he (Tad talking about himself) is “done with the drama and the so called fans.” 

“I’ve never spoken badly about a player on the team or the city of Dallas. It’s the so called fans I have an issue with,” Tad Prescott said on X.

Micah’s brother, Terrance Parsons Jr posted to X on Friday:

“Ima just start exposing you fake a– fans ATP because it’s no way we watch the same games lmfaooo and Micah doesn’t show up.?! He be one of the few who actually shows up we in and week out 🤣🤣🤣 y’all be clues looking at the box score when his impact is way more than that.”

Terrance Parsons Jr also responded to a tweet addressing Skip Bayless’ comments about Micah. A profile on X posed the question: “Is there a Cowboys fan on earth that feels appropriately represented by Skip Bayless?”

“If they do they are the fans that we wish weren’t apart of the organization lol,” he responded to that X post.

And to top it all off, sprinkle in an X post from an Eagles fan account sharing screenshots of a Facebook account allegedly belonging to CeeDee Lamb’s mother criticizing Dak Prescott.

Drama in Dallas? Say it isn’t so. Looks like Skip Bayless has plenty to talk about for his show come Monday.

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