Dog attack in Converse leaves family distraught

A husband and wife out on vacation received a chilling call from their children that their dog was attacked by two larger dogs back at home.

SAN ANTONIO — Argelia & Robert Rivera said the death of their dog, Hershey, could have been prevented. Since this weekend, the Rivera’s said they can’t function since hearing the cries of their dog from their surveillance camera in their backyard. 

The couple found surveillance video of their dog being attacked by two larger dogs. The couple said they’ve reinforced their backyard fence four times to prevent dogs from continuously intruding their property.

“When I carried my baby, he was bleeding out because of the deep wounds that he sustained,” Argelia said.

Where she would normally cradle Hershey in her arms, she’s now carrying his pictures.

“I can’t even think because I always have Hershey in the back [of my head] that night when I went to sleep,” she said.

The brutal attack Argelia would describe as Hershey being tossed around like a ragdoll was agonizing to watch. 

“We’ve made several attempts to contact the owner about the chain link fence needing to be repaired to contain their animals,” Robert said. “I’m constantly repairing my fence to keep my dogs in or out.”

That fence – shared with a business – Pro Trailer Repair 24HRS. The owner said he’s willing to fix the fence and he’s called someone recently to fix it. According to the owner, the dogs, which belonged to two employees, have been given away. Those employees were reprimanded with write ups.

The owner said he is remorseful over what happened, but the matter is between the employees and the couple.

The Rivera’s, returning from vacation, and hearing this news, just want justice.

“From what I’m told, he wasn’t even out there for ten minutes,” Robert said. “Ten minutes, and that led to his death.” His wife Argelia added, “I would think that my Hershey would die asleep, but not like this, not being murdered like this. He didn’t deserve this.”

The couple confirmed with KENS 5 that they have filed a civil suit with the owners of the business and the dogs. The owner of the business said he and the two employees want to help the Rivera’s get a new dog and offer them an apology.

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