Door falls off plane after leaving Buffalo Airport

Police say a small plane carrying two people was reported to have lost a door while flying over Stiglmeier Park.

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. — Cheektowaga Police are trying to find the door to an airplane that fell off midflight on Monday night.

Officers say they had got a call around 6p.m. that a small plane carrying two people was reported as losing a door while flying over Stiglmeier Park. 

Officers scoured the area, but have yet to find the door.

According to public flight data, the single-engine aircraft took off from the airport and several minutes into the flight reported the emergency. 

“We have an emergency, we’re heading back,” the pilot said to air traffic control. “We lost our rear door.”

BNIA emergency responders were dispatched along the runway as a precaution, according to the air traffic control recording of the incident. 

According to Police, the plane is reported to have had landed safely and parked near the Signature Aviation terminal. 

No injuries or property damage has been reported.

If you have any information, about where the door could be, please call the Cheektowaga Police Dispatch at (716)-686-3500.

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