Family holds vigil for woman and two children murdered before house set on fire

Police say the father then set the house on fire, all four were found inside the home with gunshot wounds.

SAN ANTONIO — Blanca Pescador’s family says they wanted tonight’s vigil to be a celebration of Blanca and the children’s lives and of happier times.

Jose Madrid, brother to Blanca Pescador and uncle to Leslie and Freddy Jr., made his way from Odessa to El Paso, where his family is originally from, then traveled to San Antonio where they held a vigil Saturday in front of Blanca’s home.

It was the first time Jose had seen her house after the fire.

“It shocked me, because physically, mentally, I was not prepared for it,” said Madrid.

On March 8, at 10:45 a.m., firefighters were called out to the home after it became fully engulfed in flames, soon after arson investigators took control because it looked like the fire was intentionally set.

Inside the home the bodes of Blanca, her husband Alfredo Pescador and their two children Leslie, 19, and Freddy Jr., 14, were found.  

The medical examiner would determine they all had been shot and killed before the home was set on fire. Police say it was a murder suicide at the hands Alfredo.

“Right now, she’s in a better place up in heaven with her children,” said Madrid.

Jose says Blanca and her family were humble and always willing to help anyone in need. Saturday would have been Blanca’s 41st birthday. At Saturday’s vigil, Jose was surrounded by neighbors and friends who he says are now part of the family.

“Very beautiful because the family grew the family grew he could feel the love, the appreciation, the tears, the joy,” said Madrid.

Comforted by all the love and support today, Jose wants everyone to remember the happier times they shared with Blanca, Leslie and Freddy Jr. not the tragedy left behind.

“I would love for the people who knew them to remember something special on their lives that they had share, a laughter, a talk, a walk, spending time,” said Madrid.

Jose says he and Blanca were close and their loss has broken him. He says the drive home will be tough, but he is trying to move on, taking it one step at a time as he tries to heal.

“I got to find a way, so I can continue with trying to accept this tragic loss in my life,” said Madrid.

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