Galveston strikes back at Charles Barkley’s verbal shots

Billboards have popped up in Galveston, taking aim at Barkley.

SAN ANTONIO — If you missed it, TNT’s Charles Barkley recently poked fun at Galveston, Texas.

After the New Orleans Pelican fell 0-3 to the Thunder in their opening-round series, his TNT colleague Shaquille O’Neal asked him where the Pelicans would be heading in the offseason.

Immediately, Barkley fired off a verbal jab at Texas Gulf Coast city.

“Galveston. That dirty a– water. We’re not even going to send them to Cancun. We’re going to send them to Galveston with that dirty a– water washing up on the shore. You people think they in the beach,” Barkley said. “We’re sending them to Galveston, Texas, right where that dirty water washes up on the beach, so they can’t even get in the water.”

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Barkley’s verbal jabs at Galveston did not go unnoticed, and the city fired back at him.

According to TMZ, mysterious billboards have fired back at Barkley along Galveston.

“You’ve never turned down any of our great food,” one billboard read.

Galveston Island also shared their surprise at Barkley’s verbal barbs.

Even musician Beyonce’s mother, Tina Knowles, who is from Galveston, fired back at Barkley to defend the Texas city, which prompted Barkley to apologize.

So that you know, Galveston residents know this is all fun. None are taking Barkley’s comments personally.

“If Galveston beaches aren’t for Mr. Barkley, we’ve got other things to love,” Kimberly Danesi, CEO of the park board, said. 

Of course, after Barkley apologized to Knowles and Galveston, he took another potshot at San Antonio.

“That water is so dirty I’d rather go to San Antonio with those big ole’ women,” he said.

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