Got some Alamo memorabilia at home? The Alamo Collections team wants them

SAN ANTONIO – The Alamo Collections team is looking for donations of pop culture artifacts and memorabilia related to San Antonio’s most well-known mission from the period after 1945.

The “Treasures of the Alamo: A Call for Memorabilia” campaign is an effort to prepare for the grand opening of the Visitor Center and Museum in 2027.

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The Alamo is looking for the following donations related to the San Antonio landmark:

  • Movie posters and props
  • Toys and games
  • Books and comics
  • Lunch boxes
  • Photos of notable visitors (Presidents, the Pope, rock stars, etc.)
  • Any other memorabilia depicting the Alamo

“Your contributions will help preserve and celebrate the Alamo’s legacy, engage and educate future generations, and ensure a diverse representation of its influence in popular culture,” a news release said.

The Alamo said all donors will be recognized on its website, with the potential for recognition in the new museum. Donations may be eligible for tax deductions.

Those interested in donating can visit this website for instructions. You can also email the Alamo Collections Team directly at for further information.

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