‘He had more fun in life’ | Widow of Mavs superfan shares his shining love for the team

For years, Don Knobler was a fixture at Mavericks games. He died in December 2023 from myocardiopathy. His family is continuing his legacy of love for the Mavs.

DALLAS — With all the excitement surrounding the Dallas Mavericks third NBA Finals appearance, this time it’s different for Damaris Knobler.

“Don would never have missed a game. They couldn’t do as well when he wasn’t there because Don was the entertainment,” she laughed. 

Dob Knobler, her husband of 42 years and a devoted Mavs fan since the late 1980s, died due to complications from myocardiopathy in December 2023.

“All of his Mavericks pictures were shown at Don’s memorial service as people walked in. They saw Don displayed as a number one Mavs fan,” she said softly. “That’s when he was the happiest. Don was the happiest, just exuberantly happy, as the number one Mavs fan.”

If you attended games, he was hard to miss in large part, due to his flashy outfits.

“We worked on that. We didn’t want you to miss Don,” Damaris shared. “We went and we picked out Versace outfits then we went to El Paso and we had boots made to go with the Versace.”

Don’s son, Will Knobler, added, “If you can’t see the passion, you’re not looking very closely.”

The outfits were never ending, filled with sparkle and color – anything to bring the team a spark to secure a win.

During the 2011 NBA Finals, Don was sitting courtside. Will showed off some of his dad’s memorabilia, starting with a photo of, “Dad up there giving Terry a high five there from the court.”

“These chairs are actually pretty cool. They’re from 2011 that he sat in for the championship series back then,” Will Knobler continued.

As you can imagine, this NBA Finals is different for Damaris Knobler. Despite the sadness of losing her beloved husband, she reflects on the joy.

“He had more fun in life. He felt like he was a part of the Mavericks team,” she told WFAA.

“He would love to be there but he’s smiling down on us from heaven no doubt. I’m 100% confident about that,” Will added.

In his honor, an oversized Dallas Mavericks flag is flying high above the business he left behind in Dallas – his granddaughter carrying it out to be raised as she carries on his tradition. Don’s life has come to an end, but his legacy and love of the Mavs, is still flying high.

“Don is in heaven and I’m sure he’s looking down, rejoicing for them. He loved it when they did well, he did well. He would say go get ‘em,” Damaris said.

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