Heat index as high as 105° to 110° this week in San Antonio, Texas Hill Country

The month of June has begun, and it’s taking some notes from May when it comes to the higher-than-average temperatures.

While temperatures in the 90s may be what you are used to seeing for the first week of June, don’t be alarmed when you see the triple digits several times this week.

Here’s what you need to know:


  • Actual high temperatures approaching or hitting 100° for the entirety of the work week
  • Every day this week, heat index values will range from 105° to 110°
  • Little to no rain to provide relief from the heat



So Hot for the squirrels this is called “spooling”. A way the squirrels cool off

A high-pressure system over Mexico will move over Texas in the following days, impacting San Antonio.

While the average high temperature for early-June is 91°, the high pressure system will increase highs to the upper 90s and into the 100s. It’s humid, so the heat index values increase as well, peaking to around 110° on Wednesday.

The same system that makes it really hot will prevent widespread rain. This means no rain chances after Monday night. This will continue to exacerbate current drought conditions throughout San Antonio.

So what does this mean for you as you go through your week?

As you are out and about during the late afternoon hours, ensure you have thought about measures to stay cool. Drink plenty of water, as this heat will dehydrate you quicker than normal.

Another idea to lessen the effect of the heat is to use an umbrella to shade from the sun. Additionally, San Antonio has several locations open to the public as cooling centers. These include libraries, senior centers, and community centers around town.

The first week of June is giving us a little taste of what is to come, so as we gear up for the summer, it is important to stay proactive about the heat.

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