Here’s what Dak Prescott, Mike McCarthy and CeeDee Lamb had to say about the latest Cowboys playoff loss

Said Prescott: “There’s no excuses. We had it all lined up three hours ago. This is the last place this organization thought we would be.”

ARLINGTON, Texas — Immediately after his team’s opening round 48-32 loss to the Green Bay Packers almost one of the biggest point differentials in team playoff history — Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones shared his disappointment in his team’s latest early playoff exit.

“I’m floored,” Jones said

He’s not the only one. 

Shortly after Jones addressed the media, members of the Cowboys roster and coaching staff also spoke to the media and addressed their exasperation at the loss. 

Here’s what three of the biggest names — quarterback Dak Prescott, head coach Mike McCarthy and wide receiver CeeDee Lamb — had to say in the immediate aftermath of the game.

Dak Prescott

On how he feels about the loss: “Frustrated is a great word… My play. The way we came out here and started the game. I’m just shocked, honestly. From the beginning of the game, we got beat. There’s no other which way around it, no way to sugarcoat it, outside of we didn’t play well… 

On whether coach Mike McCarthy should lose his job over this latest early-playoff exit: “He has been amazing… I’ve had the season I’ve had because of him. The team has had the success that they’ve had because of him. I understand it’s about winning a Super Bowl. That’s the standard of this league, and damn sure of this place. I get it, but add me to that list, in that case.”

On the surprise of the first-round playoff loss: “It’s a shock. We damn sure didn’t think this is where we’d be… Credit to those guys, they came in here and handled business. And no disrespect to those guys going in, but that was just the confidence this group had in what we’ve done and damn sure in what we’ve done at home. It will take a little more time to digest it, to be honest with you. But [we’re] stunned.”

On his team’s attempt at a comeback late in the game after falling down 32 points: “Guys kept fighting. I’m proud of the guys for that.”

On whether his MVP-caliber play in recent seasons lessens some of the blow of the loss: “I’m not a guy that lives in the past. Where my feet are at this moment, I sucked tonight. And that’s it. We got it going a little bit late, but none of that mattered at that point… It’s about winning, and winning in the playoffs, and getting to the last game and winning that as well. [It’s] tough.”

On if the Cowboys can figure out how to translate regular season success to postseason success: “Unfortunately, that’s what the offseason for. And it’s going to be a long one.”

On coming up short yet again: “There’s no excuses. We had it all lined up three hours ago. This is the last place this organization, especially in that locker room, thought we would be. They came out and were better than us in all facets of the game. It sucks.”

Mike McCarthy

On how the team is feeling about the loss: “We’re very disappointed, to a man. I don’t think anybody saw this coming. You’ve got to give Green Bay credit. They came in hot… They executed. We didn’t. We’re hurting. We’re disappointed.”

On whether he feels his job is in jeopardy: “I got a whole team in the locker room that’s hurting. I haven’t thought past the outcome of this game.”

On when he noticed his team was playing flat: “I wouldn’t say we were flat. There was energy. They just made more plays than we did… We did not play to our capabilities, and the way we’ve been playing, particularly at home.”

On what the loss means in the context of the season: “This is a hurtful loss. We put ourselves in the position to play a home playoff game. We had a great opportunity. We felt really good about the week of preparation. We thought we matched up well. But we clearly picked the wrong day to have a bad day.”

CeeDee Lamb

On his initial thoughts regarding the loss: “Obviously, we didn’t come out and execute like we should’ve to begin the game with. The rest was downhill… 

On why the Packers were able to beat the Cowboys: “It’s playoff football. You can’t give anybody an edge. And I feel like we did today. Jordan Love found a groove, and we didn’t have an answer for him… We were kind of playing from behind, and in this league that’s probably the worst thing to do, kind of — not even “kind of.” They knew we were in obvious passing situations, and it made us one-dimensional.”

On the surprise of the loss: “It’s terrible. I wish we were playing next week. Unfortunately, that’s not the case… It’s tough, man. It’s tough… We had everything we wanted with the seed, home field, everything. We just didn’t capitalize.”

On how the loss wipes out the regular season successes the team had this year: “17 weeks is a season of its own, and then you’ve got four weeks after that — but whatever you do in those four weeks, that’s how you’ll be lastly remembered… Very disappointing loss. We understood the situation. We knew we were supposed to win the game. But we came up short. We’re still a family.”

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