HighBridge partners with Alamo Beer Company on Delta-9-infused drinks

Alamo Beer Company announced a new manufacturing partnership with a company that aims to give customers a different type of buzz using familiar flavors. HighBridge is bringing production of its hemp-derived cannabinoid infused ‘faux beers’ to San Antonio through the new deal.

The Alamo City-based company will be brewing and co-packing a number of HighBridge’s Delta-9 THC beverages, starting with the beer-inspired line labeled ‘faux’ beers including the eeZee daze Lager, Alpine Rush IPA, and Neblina Del Pacifico Pilsner. The beverages contain no alcohol, and instead varying amounts of Delta-9 cannabinoids derived from hemp. 

Alamo Beer Company Production Manager David Esof said the HighBridge formulas were some of the more complex that Alamo has encountered, but described the results as outstanding. 

“With its history, expertise, and capacity, Alamo can accommodate the growing needs of HighBridge as we build the Hemp-based Delta-9 portion of our corporate portfolio,” said James Hunter, Co-Founder and CEO of HighBridge Holdings, in a news release. “The ability of Alamo to accurately produce the complex formulas of the HighBridge faux beers was impressive! And the production capacity of Alamo will serve HighBridge well into the future.”

The partnership also marks a big move for HighBridge, which will be using Alamo Beer Company as the “base for centralized production” of its multi-state operation, according to the release. The company will distribute nationwide using Houston’s D-Squared Worldwide Distribution. 

The company uses hemp-based Delta-9 cannabinoids, which are legal in Texas when consumable hemp products have less than 0.3% Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol THC.

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