Houston Astros host FanFest to kick off 2024 season

“Tell these Astros, ’24 is our year,” a fan said.

HOUSTON — Hundreds of people attended the Astros FanFest Saturday with their minds set on another winning season. 

“We just want to support them and make sure they have a good 2024 year,” said fan Justin Frisiana.

Frisiana is an old-school fan. He’s been watching the Astros from the very beginning, and his love for the team hasn’t wavered. If anything, it’s grown stronger. 

“Tell these Astros, ’24 is our year,” he said.

Siblings River and Ethan Neave headed over to Minute Maid to check out the players on the roster. 

“Very exciting,” said River. “Very, very, exciting.”

“We saw Kyle Tucker downstairs a little while ago when we first got here,” Ethan said while trying to contain his excitement. 

For those who weren’t lucky enough to meet the team or see the players, they hit the field, taking advantage of photo opportunities and tossing around a baseball.

The entry fee into FanFest was $1. That money will go toward the Astros Foundation, a team-led non-profit aimed at supporting youth sports education, raising domestic violence awareness and so much more through programs like the MLB Youth Academy and Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities.

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