Houston barber spends two days a week cutting the hair of the homeless

Every week, Christian Khammany goes downtown and cuts the hair of those in need — those without a home — for hours until his clippers die.

HOUSTON — A local barber has figured out his way of giving back to the community by doing what he loves.

Christian Khammany has set up a chair and a small table with all his equipment nearly every Monday and Tuesday in the heart of Houston for the past year.

Cutting hair is Khammany’s gift to others. He’s a self-taught barber. He learned at the young age of 14. Now, he’s been cutting hair for about 10 years.

“I used to have to pay so much for a haircut so my parents wouldn’t let me get haircuts all the time and I started cutting my own hair,” Khammany said.

He said that now he has everything that he could ask for.

“Within the past three years that I moved to Houston is what made me realize, like, what more do I want? You know, what more do I want to live? How can I be a better person?” Khammany said he asked himself.

Then, one day while he was driving through downtown Houston and seeing the people living on the streets, it clicked for him how he could help others.

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“I don’t always carry cash on me. So one thing I do always carry on me is my clippers,” Khammany said. “That’s where I thought about it. I was, like, yeah, maybe I should start cutting their hair.”

He does for those in need what he does best. Every week, he goes downtown and cuts the hair of those in need — those without a home — for hours until his clippers die.

“Maybe I can make a change in the homeless community, you know, with the gift that God gave me, which is cutting hair,” Khammany said.

It’s his way of giving back. Khammant cuts hair seven days a week, but he said it’s the two days each week downtown that leave him fulfilled.

“God gave me everything that I can ask for as far as success, family, love, happiness and everything else. So I felt the need to give back to the community,” Khammany said. “I want to influence the younger people to do something good for the community and do something to be a better person themselves.”

At the end of a busy day of cutting hair in the heart of Houston, Khammany is showing others what the heart is all about.

“Makes me feel good that I can change lives one haircut at a time,” Khammany said.

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