How Kerrville businesses are preparing for influx of people for upcoming total solar eclipse

More than 100,000 people are expected to pack the Hill Country city from across the country and around the globe.

KERRVILLE, Texas — Kerrville businesses are preparing to make a big profit as thousands of visitors are expected to take part in witnessing the total solar eclipse. 

Tourism officials have anticipated at least 100,000 people from across the country and around the world will flood Kerrville for the celestial event.

Louise Hays Park is among the prime places where an array of festivities are scheduled before and after the eclipse reaches totality in the early afternoon on Monday. 

“Kerrville is like X marks the spot, which is pretty neat,” said Rischa Leinweber, co-owner of Zen & Alchemy.

Leinweber said the store is typically closed Sundays and Mondays but the eclipse changes everything. 

“We’ve got our Zen and Alchemy eclipse stickers, Zen and Alchemy T-shirts. We’ve got some of the glasses left but we’re running out really fast,” Leinweber said. “Certainly all the people coming to town is great for the economy. Around here we’re a little bit on the esoteric side, so we’ve been tossing ideas around like is a portal going to open?”

Perhaps there will be a portal of profits for businesses, including Ink & Shears and Divines Sports Bar.

“A lot of people around here are just prepared for chaos,” said Ink & Shears owner Christian Garza. “We’re having a special for $70 eclipse tattoos. They can come and choose what kind of eclipse tattoo they would like. We’re all coming together and showing out for Kerrville.”

As for Caleb Morquecho, owner of Divines Sports Bar, his favorite part is interacting with people from all over the globe who’ve come to Kerrville exclusively for the eclipse. His team is ready for the influx of visitors coming this weekend into Monday. 

“It’s been pretty crazy, we’ve been doing pretty good. The eclipse, I’ve met people from Spain from all over the country so it’s pretty cool to have a newer crowd come here,” Morquecho said. “I’m excited for all the people coming and they get to experience what Kerrville’s about, our little slow life living and just get to experience the Hill Country, it’s a beautiful place to live.”

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