‘I call it a miracle because my baby’s alive’ | Mother of 21-year-old who fell out of car before hit by ongoing traffic says daughter is recovering

Sasha Smith, 21 years old, has a broken back and suffered major injuries to her spine and lower body.

MANSFIELD, Texas — If you need proof that miracles are real, ask Sherryta Smith. 

She’s the mother of the 21-year-old woman who fell out of her mother’s car before being hit by oncoming traffic and is now recovering in a hospital.

“Anybody else would’ve died from this…anybody else would’ve died from this,” said Smith. “That’s all I see, my baby laying in the street and those cars.”

Smith said her daughter, Sasha Smith, was at her boyfriend’s house in Grand Prairie when she called asking her mother to pick her up. She said she had been drinking and didn’t want to drive intoxicated.

As they were headed to Cleburne the two were on FM 917 in Mansfield around 1 a.m. Sunday. Smith said the two were cracking jokes as they normally do, when Sasha leaned on the door, twisted, and fell out of the car.

“It was like she twisted out of the truck, and I leaned, and I said Sasha,” said Smith. “She was gone.”

Smith said as she pulled over, and saw two cars hit her daughter right after the other.

“I see boom…boom, it’s just bumper cars they hit her that quick,” said Smith. She said neither of the drivers stopped. 

Smith said a Mansfield Police officer just so happened to be in the area as she was dragging her daughter off the street.

Mansfield Police said they’re still investigating and haven’t made any arrests. Smith is asking for the people who hit or daughter to come forward to the police. 

Sasha was flown to JPS Health in Fort Worth. She has a broken back and suffered major injuries to her spine and lower body.

She’s scheduled to have surgery Thursday morning.  

“I call it a miracle because my baby’s alive,” said Smith.

Smith said JPS in Fort Worth is the same hospital where Sasha’s father died in 2014. Her husband Steven Smith, got into an accident on the same road where Sasha was hit.

Smith said she is grateful her daughter is still alive. She said Sasha is responsive and can move her legs and hands and slightly talk.

“I won’t go home until it’s time for both of us to go home,” said Smith.

Smith said her daughter has a long road to recovery. The family has created a GoFundMe to help with medical bills.

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