‘I do feel like this is a fight club’ NISD parent raises concerns after middle schoolers post fights to Instagram account

A spokesperson with NISD said they are aware of the videos circulating on Instagram however, they denied that it was a fight club.

SAN ANTONIO — One Northside ISD parent is concerned about what she calls an alarming trend of fights between middle schoolers. 

She said students at Stinson Middle School are filming altercations almost everyday and posting them to social media on an Instagram account.

She said on Friday, her daughter was involved in one of those fights. She is now pushing for the district to take action.

A spokesperson with NISD said on Monday, they are aware of the videos circulating on Instagram of students from Stinson fighting. He said it is not an uncommon practice.

“If you are actively aware of a consistent problem, what are you doing to make it safe for these children?” The concerned parent said.

The mother demanding change wanted to remain anonymous. She said her daughter was threatened prior to the fight. They called the school and a counselor got involved.

She claimed, it was not enough to prevent the fight between her daughter and two other girls in the bathroom.

“It’s hard to watch,” she said.

She said other students filmed it. She believes some fights are planned while others are not.

 “I do feel like this is a fight club,” she said.

The district said in a statement, “These types of accounts are created on personal social media platforms and are difficult, if not impossible, for school administrators to address.”

However, they denied it was a fight club.

District leaders added, it is ultimately up to Instagram to delete the accounts.

However, this mother wants the district to intervene before the fights happen. Right now, each NISD middle school has one police officer. She said there should be more.

She added that the district may need to consider some extreme measures.

“Let’s shut down the bathrooms between passing periods because this is mainly when it happens to protect everybody until you can figure, who is really behind all of this?” she said.

The mother said the school is working on a safety plan for her daughter and is asking her for suggestions on how to address the issue.

She said she hopes something is done before a student gets seriously hurt.

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