‘I’m anticipating we’re going to have more drownings this summer’ | Texas Parks and Wildlife warn swimmers after recent deaths at Canyon Lake

Texas Parks and Wildlife officials want to prevent more drownings at Canyon Lake.

CANYON LAKE, Texas — Three people have drowned at Canyon Lake since April of 2024 prompting officials to warn swimmers of how they can stay safe.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Warden Captain Javier Fuentes said people need to start wearing life jackets. Many times, he says he and his team are out rescuing people who are not wearing any.

“I’ve never recovered someone from a drowning that is wearing a life jacket,” Fuentes said.

Just a few days ago Fuentes said he and his team rescued a group of teens that tried to swim from the shore to an Island out on Canyon Lake.

Of the nine he saved, he said only a few had flotation devices and they had all become very exhausted from their swimming.

This is something Fuentes believes is happening to a lot of swimmers. They see an island from the shore and think it’s closer than it really is.

“Your depth perception can be off,” he said.

Once swimming, no matter how good you are, Fuentes said people get tired and if you’re not wearing a life jacket, there’s a good chance you’ll drown.

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The three latest drownings are 18-year-old Alec Johnson from Schertz on Memorial day, a man visiting from New York that same weekend and 19-year-old Roiner Pereira on April 14.

Fuentes said they want to prevent more deaths so knowing what you’re getting into when you swim is important.

Knowing that the shoreline is different is important. Fuentes said there is a much steeper drop because the shoreline has moved back due to lake levels being lower.

“There’s no gradual decline…you’re jumping into some deep water,” Fuentes said.

Fuentes added that the water can be 25 feet deep at some points.

So the key to not drowning, whether you are swimming, boating or kayaking on Canyon Lake is to always wear a like jacket and never underestimate the water you’re in.

Canyon Lake does provide free life jackets at different sections of their parks.

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