‘I’m busting Wemby up in the paint’ | Former NBA center Dwight Howard says Spurs’ Wembanyama is no match for him

The former NBA big man says it will be “game over” for Wembanyama if he were to face him in the paint.

SAN ANTONIO — San Antonio Spurs‘ Victor Wembanyama lived up to the massive hype in his rookie season.

He was named the 2024 NBA Rookie of the Year, led the league with 3.5 blocks per game, grabbed 10.5 rebounds, and averaged 1.3 steals. He was the only player in the last 15 years to average at least three blocks and one steal per game. 

He also posted 2.9 deflections per game, 21.4 points, and 3.9 assists in just year one.

But that isn’t enough to make former NBA center Dwight Howard nervous if he had to face him on the NBA stage.

Dwight shared his thoughts on the Spurs rookie phenom with “The OGs Podcast” and boldly claimed his ability to dominate Wemby.

“I would hit him in the chest make his shoulders clap game is over with after that all it took is two times. I’m telling you boom boom boom and he’s going to the ground and then I got to deal with Pops [Gregg Popovich],” he said.  “I’m busting Wemby up in the paint what are you talking about.”

Getting physical with the 20-year-old Spurs center might be his best option, but Howard must also work to stop Wemby outside of the paint and deal with him on the defensive end.

Wembanyama can stretch the floor at a better rate (33% from the three-point line) than Howard (21% for his NBA career). Howard might find defending Wemby difficult if he uses his wingspan to shoot over him or dunk on him (Wemby is measured at 7-5).

Also, Howard fails to remember that Wemby is barely starting his NBA career, and the sky is the limit for his development on both sides of the floor. Perhaps it is too soon to think he or anyone can dominate the 20-year-old.

Currently, Wemby is doubling his offseason workouts, doing two a day, and is not satisfied on the court despite being named the NBA’s best rookie.

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Overall, Howard isn’t going to say publicly he would lose against Wembanyama. He’s too confident (and a competitor) to admit anything less. 

But he complimented Wemby, saying that he was a unique player.

“He is an alien, though, I will say that,” said Howard.

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This does give food for thought, imagining a prime Howard going up against Wembanyama. Let us know what you think, Spurs fans. Could Howard dominate Wembanyama? 

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