Indianapolis mom says she was nearly attacked and her 6-year-old’s braids cut after she didn’t tip stylist

The mother said the braiding session lasted nearly 10 hours, when it typically takes only three or four hours.

INDIANAPOLIS — AJ Haley says she recorded her 6-year-old daughter’s hairstylist trying to force her way into their car on Saturday. 

In the video, you can see the door handle nearly be ripped off as a woman tugs on it.

Haley’s daughter, Kensley, was in the backseat, screaming in fear. 

“When I saw that door handle being pulled off, I just knew, like this is a situation that has gone way too far,” Haley said.

According to Haley, her daughter’s hair braiding cost about $135. She said the session lasted nearly 10 hours, when it normally only takes three or four hours.

And when Haley says she told the braider she wasn’t satisfied with the service and wasn’t tipping, the woman became aggressive, even allegedly blocking her from leaving the shop.

“She didn’t want me to leave at all. I kind of had to bogart my way through the door,” Haley said. “When I got out of the door, she grabbed my daughter’s arm and said she was going to take her braids out.”

Haley says once she was able to get hold of her daughter, they both got into the car. That’s when Haley says a group of people, some of them with guns, started surrounding her. Haley’s daughter was watching it all.

“I didn’t want my mom to get hurt or anything because she had a lot of friends, and my mom only had one person,” Kensley said.

That one person Haley says was Kensley’s aunt.

Haley says while the aunt was trying to calm the situation, one of the women’s friends was able to cut off some of Kensley’s braids.

“My heart just broke. My heart broke in that moment because I just feel as a mom, I was just supposed to protect her, and as a mother, I felt like I failed when all I was trying to do was protect her,” Haley said.

13News reached out to the woman who the allegations are against but never heard back.

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