‘It sounded like a jackhammer’ | San Antonio neighborhood rattled by drive-by shootings caught on camera

At least two drive-by shootings were caught on camera since December in the Pecan Valley Estates neighborhood. Police said the people targeted are not cooperating.

SAN ANTONIO — A San Antonio neighborhood is rattled by gunfire and now working with police to help put an end to it.

At least two drive-by shootings were caught on camera since December in the Pecan Valley Estates neighborhood. No one has been hurt.

According to police, the people living inside a home being targeted are not cooperating.

Two women who live in the neighborhood spoke anonymously with KENS 5. They called the incidents, chaotic.

“The first time in December, 5, December 5 I believe, it sounded like a jackhammer,” one woman said. “It’s terrifying.”

One resident captured a picture of police placing down several evidence markers.

“57 shots in front of this house and it was the wrong house the first time,” one woman said.

As a result, one neighbor’s car window was busted out. Since then, people living in the neighborhood said the gunfire has not ended.

One woman has been living there for 15 years and this is the first time she has heard gunfire. 

The most recent shooting incident was on January 22 and was captured by ring video.

Even a week later, the damage is visible. The women said someone is targeting one home being rented. According to police records, since December, people have reported shots fired from that home on at least five different occasions.

“Police come and they bang on the door,” One woman said. “They refuse to answer the door, they just pretend nobody’s there.”

District three Councilwoman Phyllis Viagran said she is aware of the issue. She said the neighborhood is doing the right thing, reporting each and every incident.

“That’s why whatever information you can collect and provide to them, even if it’s somebody speeding, you know the type of car speeding down the street, is to provide that and report that,” Viagran said.

The women said police have increased patrols and believe they are doing all they can.

“They make rounds anywhere from midnight, 2:30, 3:00,” One woman said. “I know because I can’t sleep anymore, I’m always up.”

They are hoping the people living there move out soon.

“A crossfire bullet can kill an innocent child,” One resident said.

We attempted to reach the property owner but have not heard back. The women have said since the drive-by shooting last week, they have not heard anymore gunfire.

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