‘It’s a disaster’: Tenants at apartment complex fed up after living without central AC for months

According to Opportunity Home, the tentative date to begin repairs is June 17 with the goal of wrapping up June 21.

SAN ANTONIO — Residents at a northside San Antonio apartment complex have been without central air conditioning for the past three months. Ned and Pamela Jenner are among the frustrated tenants wondering when the system will be fixed. 

The Jenner’s live at the San Pedro Arms apartments, a 16-unit public housing complex managed by Opportunity Home. Due to the months-long AC problems, Ned and Pamela are hoping they find somewhere else to live. They’re not entirely satisfied with the window AC units either, which Ned noted have caused intermittent power outages in their apartment. 

“It’s been a disaster,” said Ned, who is disabled and requires an electric wheelchair to get around. “I have to go outside because it gets too hot here and being out there don’t help.”

His wife Pamela cares for him day and night while also checking up on her neighbors. She’s been unsuccessful in learning of any concrete timeline on when Opportunity Home will remedy the AC issue. 

“I will not let anything happen to my husband. I will fight tooth and nail for him,” said his wife Pamela. “I tried to take care of not just us but everybody in our community.”

Ned depends on the care of his wife and Four Winds Hospice throughout the week. Will Davis, main chaplain with Four Winds Hospice, alerted KENS 5 about the AC problems. 

“Our doctor wrote a letter so he (Ned) could get a second window unit,” Davis said. “The heat that we’re about to get is, it’s bad enough for just us regular folks but thinking of the regularly and thinking of the people that have health issues, it’s just not right.” 

Opportunity Home received reports about a broken AC chiller at the complex in March, according to Brance Arnold, assistant director of communications. 

Arnold noted property staff installed window AC units in all apartments at San Pedro Arms once it was discovered the central AC was not working properly. 

“Only two households have since requested a second A/C and those households have been accommodated. Property staff have reached out to all the households to determine if additional support or accommodations are needed during this time,” Arnold said in a statement.
“Prior to the chiller malfunction, property management required a doctor’s note for an additional A/C as the A/C was operational at that time. However, due to the ongoing issue, property staff will accommodate any of the households at San Pedro Arms in need of additional assistance. To request a new A/C, they can call the work order line or reach out to the property’s client services specialist,” Arnold added.

Opportunity Home intends on beginning repairs tentatively on June 17 with the goal of wrapping up June 21. 

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